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Let's bring some positivity to this Forum real quick. I would like to shout out my girl Liz Munzon, owner of Flatline Gallery on the North side. Flatline Gallery has been around for 3 years programing some awesome exhibitions featuring amazing local artists right across from Houghton Park (skate show *cough, cough). Flatline Gallery is the only women owned, brown owned, fine art gallery in Long Beach, let alone North LB.

Liz is a graduate of CSULB and my past coworker. She is a sick as foo herself, dope painter, educator, community advocate and beer enthusiast. She has partnered with Puente Latino Association of North Long Beach and Rex Richardson to offer programing and arts experiences to the North Side.

As a kid, it would have blown my mind to see an art gallery next to my local laundry mat. Maybe I wouldn't have strayed off course if my childhood self had a Flatline on the Westside, maybe there is one less kid interested in gangs because they saw representation in Jacqueline Valenzuela's paintings and decided to steal a brush rather than a candy bar. 

While many businesses are getting shut down, Flatline hasn't stopped. From offering free art classes over the summer to continued programming throughout the pandemic, this Westider/Northsider is hoping Liz and Flatline are here to stay. Here is some information on their next exhibition:

"Flatline is proud to present Darwin, the Declining Daystar, Emily Babette’s second solo exhibition with the gallery. The exhibition combines figurative painting and sculptural pieces that

reveal the artist’s participation in an artist-muse relationship with an androgynous self-proclaimed ‘queer-witch’ and ‘disciple to Oscar Wilde’: Darwin."

The show opens up this Saturday December 12 and is available to view by appointment only. Call or email them for more information. You can follow them on IG at :


Lets continue to support and uplift those in the community that give back. Like the Hood Santa says "It takes the Hood to save the Hood". 

P.S. This is my first time writing here. "I am an artist and I'm sensitive about my shit" Erykah Badu.