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Lookin For Paranormal LB stories

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Hey friends, my name is Amanda and I'm actively collecting any strange, paranormal or otherwise unexplained experiences that people might have had around the city. I'm working on a writing project about Long Beach but also I just want to read some spooky shit. All submissions appreciated! You can reach me here or IG @loopgarouz

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Some rumours i knew when going to middle school back in 2009

DeForest Park

DeForest Park is made up of 15 acres of land that was purchased by Long Beach in 1976. People report sudden gusts of cold air, voices in the wind, and an overall creeped-out feeling being there. Especially when they’re alone at night. People swear the park is home to an evil paranormal creature. The park has even brought in a paranormal investigator who collected data like photographs and captured electronic voice phenomenon.

Dead Mans Alley

Located near 23rd street and delta. There was an incident in 2005 where a body was found in the alley. People from around the area have noticed strange figures in the alley (its covered in long grass upto your waist) weird dragging noise and a very ominous feeling at night. 

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There's another dead man's alley on 14th n Loma. At night its completely black... not the regular black either its creepy as shit. Old dude died in the house n haunts the whole way now.